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Next, you need to open an Irish bank account in Ireland. Depending on the bank you choose, you`ll need to present a passport, a working holiday visa approval, your Social Security number (for U.S. tax purposes), and proof of address. Last question for now, have you just booked a flexible ticket from Ireland? Or do you know what happens if you decide to enter Ireland before the flight date you indicated to the consulate? Thank you! If you have registered with the immigration service in Dublin, the immigration officer will stamp your passport and register you before the end of your appointment. Your IRP will be mailed to you and should arrive within ten working days. Ireland has working holiday agreements with a number of different countries. These allow young people from certain countries to travel and work in Ireland longer than a tourist visa while you are here to cover your travel expenses. Many Americans who come with the working holiday visa end up wanting to stay longer. Although I left before my visa expired, I don`t blame them.

However, please note that it can be very difficult to get a visa sponsorship, but it is not impossible. Hello Alex, if I am a registered student but have been working for a year, am I still eligible for a working holiday visa? You must obtain the working holiday visa before coming to Ireland. The visa does not guarantee that you will be able to enter Ireland. Which brings me to my next point. Don`t worry about anything other than getting your working holiday permit before you arrive in Ireland. In addition to booking accommodation, in an Airbnb, or something like that when booking, you shouldn`t try to set up your life until you come to Ireland. Six months later, I moved to Cork and lived that dream. I had a stable job of 9-5 years in the international office of an Irish university, the freedom to explore Ireland on weekends.

I made friends from all over the world and was able to experience Irish pubs and nightlife to the fullest. One of the best results of a working holiday experience is a lasting connection to the country you lived in. The main purpose of your trip should be holidays and work or study should be complementary. If you are traveling primarily for work or study, consider other visas. Applications for a working holiday visa are made at your local Irish consulate, in person or by mail. For example, I`m from Minnesota, so I had to apply to the Consulate General of Ireland in Chicago. The processing time is about 4-8 weeks. You can see which is the nearest consulate, depending on the state you live in here. HELLO! Thank you for all this information as it is very useful when I am thinking about applying for my working holiday visa in Ireland! I know you can stay up to 12 months, but I don`t know if I want to stay the whole duration (although I`ll buy a plane ticket to another country as if I`m staying all year round, just in case I change my mind). If that says, should I take out health insurance for the whole year, although I will probably change the date on my plane ticket to leave after about 7 months? Or is there a way for me to do it month after month? I just don`t want to pay for several extra months of insurance so it won`t be used. I have found that any type of employment in the public sector will probably not be able to do that. For example, there seemed to be no way for me to do this for my work at UCC, a public university.

However, I know many other people who have worked for a medium to large sponsored private company after a probationary period of 6 months. It seems that most of these opportunities took place in Dublin. Most banks want an “official” letter with your name to be sent to your address. You can use your official rental agreement or PPS number, which the office will send to your address. The application process can seem daunting at first, and it can be helpful to get professional help. This ensures that you get your working holiday permit for Ireland. The Working Holiday Agreement is designed to make it easier for US citizens who wish to travel to Ireland for an extended period of time and take a job as a secondary aspect of their holiday. Note: Most working holiday agreement programs have been suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic and many countries are currently not processing new applications. Hi Alex, thank you for explaining how the working holiday visa works for Ireland. You mentioned that you left the country for other European countries on the weekend – did you do so with the working holiday visa for Ireland or did you get a Schengen visa for your travels? Is there a minimum of days to stay in Ireland if you want to travel to other countries? Thank you for helping me with these questions, Isabelle The Working Holiday Visa for Ireland, also known as the Working Holiday Authorization Program, is a program that allows young people from certain countries to visit Ireland for work. This is part of a reciprocity agreement that Ireland has with ten other countries. This program is one of five working holiday programs for U.S.

citizens, and it comes with fairly specific criteria to qualify. You must be over the age of 18 and be enrolled in post-secondary education or have completed your post-secondary education within the last year. The window of opportunity to qualify for the visa in Ireland is narrower than other WHV programmes, so it`s worth considering as your first working stay if you`re still in school or have just graduated. Thanks to this visa, I was able to make Ireland my home within a year of graduating from university. My year of living and working in Ireland has been one of the challenges, but also an immeasurable personal growth. Taking the plunge to withdraw from myself has completely changed me. I firmly believe that a working holiday is a must-have opportunity for young people who crave international experience. Hi Alison, I love your article. I was wondering if I am in Ireland during my working holiday, can I travel across Europe (EU, Shengen)? Do you know if the same 3-month window applies, or can I travel year-round? That would be all after COVID, lol, of course. Thank you (: Hello Isabelle! If you are American and applying for this working holiday visa, you do not need an additional visa to cross the Schengen area. You can easily travel anywhere in Europe during your 1 year visa.

Plus, as an American, you don`t need a visa to travel anywhere in Europe. You have a tourist visa for a maximum of 90 days in the Schengen area, whether or not you have a working holiday visa. I hope that makes sense! In 2008, Ireland and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a 12-month pilot program for interns (also known as a working holiday agreement) that allows Irish and U.S. citizens to work and travel to their respective countries for up to 12 months. The agreement reflects not only the close historical and cultural ties between Ireland and the United States of America, but also the vitality of modern economic and trade relations between our countries. University students or university graduates with a US passport can apply for a so-called “working holiday visa” in Ireland. This allows you to live and work in Ireland for up to a year. You must be currently enrolled in the school full-time or have graduated within the last year. So, if possible, I recommend that you use a recruitment agency or network your butt. Both brought me my work at UCC as an international academic consultant.

The Irish Working Holiday Visa is for young people who wish to work in Ireland for up to 12 months (24 months for Canadian citizens). Currently, Ireland has reciprocal working holiday agreements with ten countries. Absolute. You don`t need to work on a working holiday visa, but it will allow you to live there. Alison Hi Alex, thank you for your reply! It clarifies halfway, I would say ;). I was basically wondering if I could get around the 90-day maximum by applying for the working holiday visa in Ireland and then just going to Schengen from there (for over 90 days). Would that work? (Note: Canadians and Australians are also eligible to apply for a working holiday visa in Ireland. Please visit the website of the Embassy of Canada or the website of the Embassy of Australia for more information).

Phone: 00 64 4 471 2252E-mail: WellingtonEmbassy@dfa.ieWebsite: New Zealand – Department of Foreign Affairs ( link)Working Holiday Website: Working Holiday Authorisation – Department of Foreign Affairs ( link)The Irish Immigration Service (external link) also provides visa information for Ireland. . . .