What Is the Biblical Definition of a Real Man

6 An elder must be impeccable: the husband of a woman, with faithful children who are not accused of savagery or rebellion. 7 As a overseer of the house of God, he must be impeccable: not arrogant, not heated, not an excessive drinker, not a tyrant, not greedy for money, 8 but hospitable, loving, who is good, reasonable, just, holy, self-controlled, 9 clinging to the faithful message as it is taught, so that he can both encourage with solid teachings and refute those who contradict him. (COD) Second, a real man is not a tyrant. Look at Titus 1:7. “As a overseer of God`s house, he must be blameless: not arrogant, not heated, not an excessive drinker, not a tyrant… What does a tyrant mean? In Greek, this literally means an attacker or someone who is prone to hitting. He is a violent person. It is a person who beats people or threatens to beat them. So, what is a real man? Will the real man stand up please. To learn what the role of a real person should look like, we need to look at the purpose for which they were created and the examples given in the scriptures. There were only two perfect people in the history of the world: Adam and Jesus Christ. Of course, Adam didn`t last long – probably about 24 hours.

Certainly, often we are not sure we are doing what God wants us to do. But if we use the Bible as a compass and know that God is there to guide and help us, we must have the masculine quality of being “strong and of good courage” (Deuteronomy 31:6). As a result, a real man makes very good decisions with his time, money, health and relationships. When you look at his life, you see a well-ordered, balanced and well-managed life – in all areas. Never miss an opportunity to practice these three key concepts of true masculinity. You can avoid the trap of false masculinity and its negative consequences by assuming your responsibility for protection and respect so that in the end you are truly a real person in God`s eyes. A real man is gentle. Gentleness means staying calm and kind even when you are angry. A real man gets angry like everyone else, but he remains calm and friendly even when he is angry. Let us look at the example of Jesus, who was a perfect man.

Jesus lived as a real man for 33 and a half years. How was he, what did he do? Of course, the study of Jesus is a lifelong project, but I would like to draw your attention to a few brief facts. Here`s another way to express it. Does your wife regret marrying you? Is your wife better with you than she was before you came to marry her? Your wife should be better placed under your care than under her father`s care. Oh, really? A real man does everything necessary to build a healthy and dominant marriage. What is the key to overcoming a quick temperament? The key is to be patient with people. What does it mean to be patient with people? It means having patience with them. Look at Colossians 3:12-13. “12 Therefore, how God is chosen, holy and loved, applies compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience, 13 endure each other and forgive each other when one has grudge against each other. Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so will you forgive. So this verse goes into more detail about what it means to be patient with people. It means having patience with them.

What does that mean? The New Living Translation explains it. “Consider the mistakes of the other and forgive anyone who offends you.” Do you know what it means to take into account everyone`s mistakes? It means giving people permission to fail; permission to be imperfect; permission to insult; permission to slide; Permission not to fail. An angry man makes everyone walk on eggs, and if you slide, they will allow you to. An effervescent person expects perfection from people, and if you spoil it just once, they will explode on you. An effervescent person is offended by everything; it is very easy to insult them; You`d better pay attention to what you say and how you say it, because it`s easy to tear off their feathers, and if you do, they`ll lose it. And by the way, an effervescent person does not also express his anger with screams; Sometimes they never talk to you again. They brick you or give you the cold shoulder. To overcome a bad mood, you need to be patient with people, which means you have to endure with people; They must take into account their mistakes; to give them permission to be imperfect. Don`t be so sensitive. Don`t expect everyone around you to walk on the water. He is a real man. A real man is someone who can control his temperament.

This is what you need to do in marriage. If I lost my temper every time my wife didn`t meet my expectations, or every time she did something that annoyed me, then we wouldn`t be married anymore! God spoke to the rest of creation and so it was. In humans, it was different. God took special care to shape man from the dust of the earth. This creation of the crowning glory of creation took time. Not that God couldn`t do it in a split second, but the investment of time showed value. Man was more valuable than the rest of creation. He was made of dust so that he could be humble and identify with the one with whom he was to rule. On the other hand, he had the breath of God in him. His soul reached heaven. It was made of the earth, but for the heavens.

Unlike the rest of creation, it was not limited to the physical realm. His soul and spirit could communicate with God in the spiritual realm. The title of this sermon is “The Qualities of a Man Who Fears God.” Who comes to mind when you hear the word “real man”? John Wayne? Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead? Michael Jordan? Tom Brady? William Wallace of Braveheart? Bear Grylls in Man v. Sauvage? Chris Kyle of American Sniper? I remember when that movie came out. A friend of mine saw him in front of me and said, “Chris Kyle is the definition of a real man.” Or what about someone like Donald Trump or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg? What about Jesus Christ? While all the men I just mentioned have admirable qualities, the true standard of masculinity or true masculinity is Jesus Christ. And the most masculine men are those who love and imitate Jesus – Moses, King David, Daniel, the apostle Paul. They are real men. So let`s take a look at these qualities, one by one. These are the characteristics of a real man. The qualities of true masculinity or true masculinity.

If you want to be a real man, strive to reach them. This is very common in our time. Many men and women express their anger by beating you. If you insult them, they won`t just yell at you, they`ll hurt you physically. There are many people who have decided that violence is justified if you tell them the wrong thing. If you say that homosexuality is a sin, you could be hit. If you say abortion is murder, you might be affected. If you call someone a negro or talk about someone`s mother, you might be touched. If you call someone a liar or a coward, you could be beaten. This is not the mark of a real man. This is a sign of immaturity. Implications for men today: Priority responsibilities always come before desires.

We must respect our commitments and never allow video games, sports, movies or leisure to interfere with what is really important in our lives (spiritual growth, relationships, jobs, service, etc.). That`s what I teach my sons. I teach my sons that God has given them greater muscles as men than as daughters. But the reason God gave them great muscles is not to hurt, but to help and protect. He is a real man. You don`t hurt others, even if you have the power to do so. .