Sc Mutual Aid Agreement

(B) Nothing in this article shall require a local detention centre to have a written agreement on mutual assistance and assistance, nor shall it prevent mutual assistance from taking place without written consent in cases of emergency. (8) specific wording dealing with the processing of requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act for public security missions carried out under or resulting from such agreements. (2) specific wording dealing with financial arrangements between the parties; (B) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (C), a mutual assistance agreement concluded on behalf of a law enforcement agency shall be approved by the competent governing bodies of each county, municipality or other political subdivision of that State. Agreements concluded are signed between the governing bodies and may therefore continue to apply until the agreement is terminated by a party participating in the agreement. (A) All mutual assistance agreements concluded for law enforcement authorities shall be in writing and shall include, but are not limited to: (C) An elected official whose term of office has been established by the Constitution or by the general law of that State shall not be required to obtain the consent of the governing body of the elected representative to participate in mutual assistance arrangements. (4) the language dealing with the duration, amendment and termination of the contract; (D) Provided that the terms and conditions of reciprocal agreements are respected, law enforcement officials in the counties, incorporated municipalities or other political subdivisions concerned shall be entitled to deploy and receive the resources necessary for the maintenance of public peace and welfare, including personnel. (A) Mutual assistance and support agreements may include, but are not limited to: HISTORY: Law No. 237 of 2010, Article 93, of 11 June 2010. . (6) a provision over which the law enforcement authority retains control over the personnel of the law enforcement service provider; (E) Agents of the law enforcement service provider have the same legal rights, powers, and obligations to enforce the laws of that state as the law enforcement agency requesting the services. (1) a list of the specific services to be provided; HISTORY: Act No. 382, Section 1 of 2000; Law No.

222 (H.3653) of 2016, Section 1, of 3 June 2016. (4) Authority of the manager of the provider institution to maintain control over the occupants or other staff of the local host detention facility;. . (7) specific rules for the use of equipment and facilities; and (5) specific language dealing with legal contingencies for actions or payment of damages arising from the services provided; (3) the specification of the records to be kept of the provision of the services to be provided to the Agency; (3) Records to be kept on behalf of the local receiving detention facility;. . . . .

. .